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Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning

Now that we have this cold weather approaching, it could be time to upgrade to today’s new generation heat pumps.
Heat Pumps are the most energy efficient form of heating.

In fact, a correctly sized and professionally installed heat pump can produce up to 5 times more heat for each unit of electricity compared to electric heaters, making it easier, cheaper and more environmentally friendly to heat your home.

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Big Brand and Accredited Installation:

As accredited installers for one of New Zealand's biggest brands, you can rest assured that Hometech Solatube Bay of Plenty are true professionals.  With the experience, training and specialist equipment to install your new heat pump in accordance with manufacturer specifications, they also bring with them comprehensive parts and labour warranties for these brands, leaving you with peace of mind.

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Second Hand Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners:
Hometech Solatube Bay of Plenty also stock a range of fully serviced, second hand heat pumps/air conditioning units.  Stock changes regularly so please contact us for details on what is currently available.

Heat Pump and Airconditioner Servicing:

You can expect years of dependable operation and comfort from your unit, but, like most appliances, heat pumps etc work best when regularly serviced.  Preventative maintenance to your heat pump will ensure that it is running efficiently.  
Hometech Solatube Bay of Plenty offer a range of servicing options.